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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thanks to Bronners Christmas Store

I can't quit tonight without thanking Bronners, the World's Largest Christmas Store ® for not only having the set of wisemen I needed to replace my set in stock but also for shipping them to me in time for the wind storm to collapse the stable on their heads.

Bronners is a midwestern-northern part of America icon that everybody that loves Christmas must visit and experience at least once. We were fortunate to spend a couple hours there the summer before last on our return from my Grandmother's birthday celebration in Alpena. Bronners is part of the village of Frankenmuth, (find your own link tonight), a cutesy, Bavarian influenced town that exists to provide rooms and food for the folks visiting the Christmas store.

The store is amazing and wonderful and jaw-droppingly stuffed with every Christmas ornament, tree, nativity scene, (in many sizes including full size) and trinket you can't even imagine. Consider maybe two Home Depot stores in size? Its big! And its worth a visit if you're ever in the same time zone so check it out.

Or, just click the link down there in my blog ads! They are showing up right now and its worth it. Really!

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